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Over It Raft Covers

Medium - Whitewater Raft Cover

Medium - Whitewater Raft Cover

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Fits most 12ft - 14ft rafts.  Measures 126" wide x 218" long (measure across your highest points to ensure proper fit). 

Frame friendly with openings for oar towers. 

Stay rigged and ready to go. Oversized to accommodate coolers, chairs, fishing equipment like lean towers (measure over towers to ensure full coverage), and other items.

Protects from UV damage and debris from entering the raft. Heavy duty UV stabilized, woven poly material prevents pooling by filtering the water through, but the weave is tight enough to shed water and keep UV out.  

14 D-rings around the sides makes it convenient to securely cinch the cover under the raft or strap it directly to a trailer or any anchor.

Extra-wide material prevents failure points, no seams across the cover to fail. And simple design for a universal fit. 

This is best-suited for self-bailing rafts.

Contact us for free local pickup in Salida - we'll meet you at the ramp. 

Made in the USA! 


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