Covers for Whitewater Rafts and Catarafts

long lasting protection from UV and debris for self-bailing boats

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UV, Debris, And the Elements can damage your inflatable boat

Destructive UV rays from the sun will shorten your raft's usable life and fade the color. Decaying debris can degrade and stain your boat. The elements can damage the construction and materials.

A Solution For Any Raft Setup

Using a tightly woven, breathable fabric and simple design, the Over It. Raft and Cataraft Cover provides a long-lasting cover solution for any raft and frame configuration.

Maximum protection - keeps your raft protected from UV, debris such as leaves, and weather. 

Frame friendly - includes openings for oar towers and room to accommodate seats, lean towers, and other fishing equipment.  

Easily secured - 14 heavy duty d-rings provide multiple tie-down options.

Long lasting - UV stabilized material offers years of protection; instead of pooling water and tearing, the cover filters water through it.

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