About Us

After trying some cheap options and not seeing the value in custom raft covers, we decided to create something new... something better. 

We wanted something that was easy to use, and would accommodate our rafts whether we had a frame on the boat or setup to paddle raft. And offer protection from a whitewater raft's worst enemy, the sun. 

We got samples... lots of samples, stacks of samples! All to find the ideal raft cover material. We tested the amount of UV light the materials allowed through. We found a material that blocks majority of the sun's UV rays, and withstands the elements. It is a material that has been proven in high exposure industrial applications. We wanted an easy way to secure the cover. So we littered it with D-rings for endless tie-down options.

We created the Over It. Raft Cover in Salida, Colorado as an affordable, simple, long term solution to protect your investment in between river trips. 

Get Over It!