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Does the cover have a warranty?

A: Yes! 3 year materials warranty. Does not cover normal wear and tear. The Over It. Raft Cover is made from a tough material, but can still be cut or burned; avoid direct contact with sharp points, flames, and sparks. 

What is the life of the cover?

The cover material will have up to a 7-10+ year life. But it really depends on your environment, and your use. If you don't store your inflatable boat with the cover year-round, the usable life will increase. If you don't travel with the cover on the whitewater craft, that will increase the life of the raft cover. 

We use a Heavy Duty Material for the raft cover that has been designed to withstand prolonged exposure outside in the elements. 

Can I travel with the cover? 

A: We no longer recommend traveling with the cover. The material is strong enough and handles the wind, but the D rings will pull off if there is any flapping at highway speeds. Traveling with the cover will void the warranty, and reduce usable life.  

Can I return the Over It Raft Cover if it doesn't fit?

A: Yes! We're reasonable people, we know that it can be tricky to measure over the towers and seats accurately. If you purchase the cover and it doesn't provide the coverage you need, we will issue a full refund or credit the amount towards another size whitewater raft cover. Please call us for any returns/exchanges of the raft cover: 719-626-1347

Will this cover cause heat buildup?

A: No. The sand color doesn't absorb much heat, and the material and design allow a little airflow. However... Bleed your valves! Heat will naturally cause the air in your tubes to expand. 

Will this cover cause mold?

A: No, but... It depends on where you live, and it will definitely perform better than other tarps and covers. The Over It. Raft Cover does allow air flow to help prevent mold, and the D rings can be attached to guylines to pull the cover out and allow for more air flow, if needed. 

Are cam straps included?

A: Sort of... We send a single 6' cam strap that we use as reusable packaging. You will likely need more straps or weights, or another way to secure the cover. There are 14 heavy duty D rings so you can secure the raft cover specifically to your setup. Cam straps, carabiners, bungee hooks... whatever makes the most sense for your boat and storage. 

Can I use this cover on my bucket boat?

A: Not recommended. This cover is intended for whitewater rafts, catarafts, or other self-bailing water craft. The cover is not waterproof and will filter some water through. 

Can I get different colored covers?

A: Not at this time. We currently only offer the one color for the Over It. raft cover. The sand color is nice to blend in to most landscapes helping to keep unwanted attention away. 

What if the cover I order doesn't fit? 

A: No worries, we'll be happy to work with you for a return or exchange. Just send us an email or give us a call to get the process started.

Can I use the cover for year-round/winter storage?

A: You betcha. The cover will filter water through from rain and snow, so it's key to keep your boat inflated and draining properly. And check out the NRS tips on boat storage.

Please email us if you have any other questions about the Over It. Whitewater Raft Cover: sales@raftcovers.com