Why should I cover my whitewater raft?

Protecting your whitewater raft has many benefits

  • Protects from UV degradation on fabric and seams/welds
  • Prevents fading of materials and protects resale value
  • Extends the life of handles, D-rings, and other attachments on your raft

But what is actually happening to the raft material when left to the elements?

UV rays, from the sun, bombarding the raft materials cause photodegradation, weakening the molecular chains reducing the strength of the material. Eventually leading to failure. 

Leaves and organic debris have oils that can stain and degrade your inflatable boat's material. Many whitewater rafts are made of a porous material and have areas that trap leaves, allowing the oil to seep further into the material. 

Couple these together on an uncovered boat and you end up with a faded, stained, raft that is potentially compromised. Keep your boat cleaned, use a UV protectant regularly, and keep your boat covered. 

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